DeSantis, like all Republicans, Attempts to Hide his Failures by Misdirecting the Facts


Ron DeSantis was another serious mistake made by Republican voters. He is a danger to the state of Florida. An avid Trump supporter, he has denied the threat to his people from Covid-19 from the outset. He refused to issue stay at home orders or the requirement of Floridians to wear masks in public.

This is a tale of two failed governors of two ignorant states. Texas and Florida have become the ‘hot spots’ as the coronavirus continues to rage across America.

Healthcare experts agree that opening up businesses too soon would increase the number of cases, and ultimately more unnecessary deaths. The lies from Trump and support from fake Republican leaders are the reasons why the United States leads the world in cases and deaths. To date, America has experienced 2,155,572 cases of Covid-19, which resulted in 117,632 deaths. Early studies reveal that if your “leaders” in Washington had acted more urgently and earlier in the outbreak, at least 50,000 lives could have been saved.


The Governors of Texas, Greg Abbott, and Florida, Ron DeSantis, trusted in Trump, a mentally challenged old man, and ignored the advice of medical professionals who specialize in contagious diseases and pandemics caused by viruses which spread quickly from person to person.

Both Abbott and DeSantis adopted Trump’s attitude that “it will just go away.”

On Tuesday Texas reported an increase of 4,500 cases. Abbott dismissed the numbers fallaciously claiming that more than 1,500 of those cases had been missed previously. This leaves about 2,900 which remains a one-day high for Texas. Abbott claimed that this number was entirely related to prisons and nursing homes.

Not to be outdone in the battle of ‘who would be able to tell the most egregious lie and get away with it,’ DeSantis blamed “increased testing’ for the sudden rise in his state’s numbers. Of course the facts, denied by the failed governors, prove that increased testing in Texas and Florida did not happen. If it had, both states may actually have seen a decline in cases as proven in nations like South Korea.

Watermelon Farm

This wasn’t going far enough for DeSantis. Pathological liars are compelled to create bigger and bigger lies. DeSantis used one the right-wings favorite tactics, the race card. Friday, DeSantis added another big category to the list of people whose numbers shouldn’t count. Florida’s rising numbers, said the governor, are due to migrant workers who are “overwhelmingly Hispanic.” These workers, according to DeSantis are “all just packed there like sardines, going across Palm Beach County or some of these other places.” And getting specific, DeSantis provided an example of somewhere these workers could be transmitting the disease at a watermelon farm. Really!

Like Trump, these two Republican governors will  constantly attempt to hide their lies and the fact that they choose to be ignorant.

Healthcare professionals believe that Florida is fast becoming the epicenter for the pandemic in America. A large senior population, more retirement homes than in any other state, and miles of beaches where Florida’s residents and tourists from all over the world congregate in large numbers are perfect feeding grounds for Covid-19 if social distancing and other protections are not enforced.

I am most saddened that Republicans are willing to follow a poorly educated malignant narcissist anywhere, including to their own deaths. When did the United States become the most ignorant and uninformed nation in the world? My guess is in November of 2016.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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