How my Family was Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic in America

Coronavirus (2)

I have several relatives who watch Fox News, as does Donald Trump, to “learn everything I need to know.” They state that “I don’t know anyone who has been affected by Covid-19.” Well I do.

I begin with a fact which makes me proud of where I live. The total number of deaths in my area of Nevada stands at 73. I credit the people who responded to the governor’s actions to slow the spread of the pandemic. I also praise businesses including Costco, Winco, and Home Depot for placing the safety of their customers first in the northern part of our state.


Southern Nevada’s larger population faced a greater danger. 414 deaths have been recorded as of 6/21/2020. My daughter is not as lucky as I am. She lives in a part of our nation which often chooses to be ignorant.

My daughter, her husband, and two daughters live in Naples, Florida. The governor of the Sunshine State is Ron DeSantis. He decided to obey Trump and ignore the suggestions of communicable disease experts and open up businesses in his state. Profit before people.

About two weeks ago my daughter decided to attend a workout class. She goes to a small gym which caters to women who are serious about exercise. They kept the class small and practiced social distancing. Days later she suddenly became ill. She went to get tested. She was diagnosed with Covid-19, although she has been very cautious and taking every precaution possible. She discovered later that four of the women at that workout were now victims of the pandemic. Today, her entire family is suffering from the the coronavirus.

Thankfully three of her four family members are past the worst point of the virus. Her youngest daughter became ill about one o’clock Sunday morning. She is concerned, but not worried.


Trump and his puppet governors in red states have failed their duty to care for the people of their state. Like all fake Republicans in Washington, they are more concerned about Donald Trump’s reelection than the health and safety of their state’s residents.

Yesterday, the World Health Organization announced the largest single day report of new cases at 183,000. The most were reported by Brazil, 54,771, second, the U.S., 36,617. The Center for Disease Control reports that the epicenter in America is Florida. Another state reporting a surge in cases of Covid-19 is Texas. Like DeSantis, Governor Greg Abbott is obeying his fuhrer and ignoring medical experts.


What the experts predicted is happening. Opening up our nation’s businesses too soon is causing a second wave of the virus. This is what happens when ignorant people listen to a man with low-level intelligence who is poorly educated and completely unfit for the Presidency of the United States.

Be safe; the people you love must come first. Possessions or going out to dinner are of no importance; life before Covid-19 will return. However, if you lose a single person you love, they are gone forever.

Common sense must return to America. Ignore the constant lies from the White House and his puppets like DeSantis and Abbott. Do the right thing.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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