Republicans are Dragging their Feet about a new Stimulus Check while Trump wastes at least a Million Dollars in one Day

Border Wall

Today, June 23, 2020, Trump is traveling to Yuma, Arizona, and then Phoenix. Is this trip necessary? Is it a campaign event? The answer to both is “no.” Trump is going to Yuma to “brag about his wall.” He is lying again as he claims that 212 miles of new unnecessary wall has been constructed along our southern border. With the exception of a couple of miles, the wall he will brag about was repaired, it is not new construction.

Moscow Mitch and his failed party are dragging their feet about a second stimulus check as the American people struggle to survive. The cost of operating Air Force One is at least $200,000 per hour. Trump is wasting over one-million dollars of taxpayer money to soothe his ego which was crushed in Tulsa on Saturday.

Air Force One

Are there any “conservatives” on the right side of the aisle? Hell no! The only time you hear about “government waste” from these hypocrites is when a Democrat is in the White House. Republicans have become the new “no tax but spend everything” party.

If you are a Fox News viewer, you continue to support Republicans, although they lie to you every time they open their mouths. You are brainwashed, or simply believe the racist and hateful speech of traitors including Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, and Pirro.

If you do not want to be lied to and refuse to increase Fox’ ratings, you choose to be intelligent. You will vote in November for candidates who will represent you and those you love.

We can do better; we deserve better. Dump Trump.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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