Rigged Elections, Private E-Mails, FBI Collusion; these were Conspiracy Theories Created by Trump; Here comes the Next Round

Baby Trump

After Saturday’s sad event in Tulsa, where the occupancy of a hate rally revealed attendance by less than one-third of capacity, Trump spent all day Sunday sucking his thumb and throwing a tantrum. His pitiful campaign staff created the first conspiracy. They claimed that Trump’s supporters were “afraid of possible protesters.” These are the same Trump supporters who protested at state’s capitals against the closure of businesses such as hair salons and massage parlors to limit exposure to Covid-19 carrying military assault rifles. What a bunch of wusses!

The truth is twofold. First, intelligent men and women feared contagion from Covid-19, which is escalating in Oklahoma. Family is more important than a man-child’s need to soothe his ego. Second, Trump’s support has greatly diminished after his failure to lead our nation in the fight against a pandemic, and the national protest against brutal treatment by law enforcement against black Americans.

BLM Protests

Polls are always controversial. Who participated in the polls? What were the ages of those who agreed to offer their opinions? Was the poll balanced between right and left wing Americans? What areas of our nation contributed to those polls? And there are many more variations which could contribute to the results.

Personally, the only polls I consider are those composed by “Real Clear Politics.” This organization compiles multiple polls from various organizations, even politically biased groups, and averages them. This offers those like myself a far more realistic evaluation of the mood of our nation.

Trump attempted to create his own polls in 2016 based on his personal conspiracy theories. Today, Real Clear Politics shows Biden leading Trump by 9.5 points. Trump’s little brain cannot accept this fact.

Whenever his ego is under siege, Trump resorts to creating conspiracy theories. His tactics have become predictable. On Monday, he lashed out with another fantasy. He tweeted that the 2020 election will be “RIGGED” with “MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS” sent from “FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS.” Trump knows better than anyone else that his 2016 victory in the Electoral College was rigged by Russia and the mainstream media, and he begged for their help. He was complicit and everyone in Washington knows the truth.

trump (1)

It is obvious that what was left of Trump’s minuscule mind has been reduced to a few molecules. He is desperate. The malignant narcissist is watching his world of fantasy and personal glory vanish. He is beginning to realize that his chances of winning reelection or diminishing every day. His failures in 2020 are ending his dreams of becoming America’s first monarch.

Of course I’m laughing; did you have to ask? It’s not only the worst man in the world who has been exposed, it includes his circle of sinners: his administration, his family, and the entire Republican Party in name only.

The end of Trump’s tyrannical reign will be the beginning of a restoration of the principles and ideals of our founding fathers. Without right-wing interference, America will join the rest of developed nations and we will return to the path which could once make us a great nation.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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