Hey, Members of Trump’s Cult; “Are You Tired of ‘Winning’ Yet?


No other way to describe it: Trump is a lifetime loser. He failed at all three marriages, according to insider reports. He constantly failed at multiple business ventures and was bailed out by his daddy, the Saudi Royal Family and allegedly by Russian oligarchs. His illegitimate presidency is not only an abject failure, it has greatly harmed our nation’s future economically and its stature around the world.

During the 2016 campaign he repeatedly told his supporters that “they would be winning so much, they’d get tired of winning.” My question: when will the winning start?

Not a single campaign promise has been kept. The economy was in steep decline prior to the coronavirus. He has not “repealed and replaced Obamacare.” Not a single good paying job has been created. And only a few hundred feet of new “wall” has been constructed.

Border Wall

On Thursday, retail giant Macy’s announced new “restructuring” plans to “address sales impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Then Macy’s announced that about 3,900 “corporate and management jobs” will be eliminated. We’ll wait and see how many sales, and staging jobs return when and if the pandemic ends.

When Trump claims that a large number of jobs had been filled in a month or a quarter, most are rehires. At the same time he refuses to list the jobs lost because of his rash decisions to ban Muslims from entering America, (more than four million), apply huge tariffs to imported goods, resulting in a trade war with China, (a loss of more than 300,000 jobs), and end green energy programs virtually destroying what was a growing industry offering well-paying jobs, (more than 15,000). And there are more.

Windmill Farm

The truth is that Macy’s is placing the entire blame on Covid-19 for their business failures. The reality is that prior to the pandemic, retail outlets were in decline. Online buying is growing every day. Add to this the increase in online buying and home delivery during the coronavirus, and retail stores will experience an even greater decline in in-store purchases.

The truth is that most of America was ill-prepared to deal with Covid-19. Because the man illegitimately elected to lead our nation during a crisis failed miserably, both individuals and businesses trusted Trump on some level: that is unless you are like me and have been aware since day one that Trump is woefully unfit to claim the title of President of the United States.

Trump should never have been elected, and after the debacle on November 8, 2016, his failures and unconstitutional actions should have forced his removal from office by March of 2017. However a single party’s hypocrisy and extreme cowardice allowed him to remain until Democrats were forced to impeach him. This was followed by GOP politicians cover-up of the facts and once again allow him to continue infesting our White House.

Save our nation and vote on November third. It feels good when you do the right thing.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart

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