With Florida becoming the new Epicenter for Covid-19, Why is DeSantis Endangering the Future of High School and College Students?


Obeying Trump’s mandate, the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, kept Florida’s beaches open in late May and June to aid in securing his state’s economy. He displayed total disregard for human life and safety. His motto was; “ we can’t close the beaches, it’s prime tourist season.”

Because of his failures, Florida records a record number of Covid-19 nearly every day.

Today DeSantis made a decision which is not only controversial, but also extremely harmful. He vetoed a $30 million bill called “ The Complete Florida Plus Program.” This plan was designed to aid high school and college students in the on-line completion of their courses.

No comment was available from DeSantis or any member of his staff. State educators are angry and confused.

Naturally, I am not surprised. Republicans continue to support the wealthy and ignore the needs and wishes of the working class. DeSantis proves his lack of concern with a refusal to order everyone to wear masks while in a crowd. Every medical expert claims that masks are the simplest and greatest deterrent to becoming infected with the coronavirus.


Why would he ignore the facts? Because his fuhrer refuses to wear a mask.

Trump is not a leader, he is a moron. DeSantis is following the moron’s lead and is apparently even less intelligent. This is your Republican Party, it is not the one who offered me competent candidates I once voted for, 40 years ago.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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