Trump’s Greatest Appeal is to White, Less-Educated Men; Will that be Enough to Win Reelection?

Old and Beaten Trump

An ‘educated’ American is not measured by a college degree. Life experience, the choice to refuse watching television for information important to their lives, and questioning everything from authority figures and celebrities will result in an informed, intelligent man or woman. A man or woman who has a degree or several degrees but “learns everything they need to know from television,” chooses to be ignorant.

Although there is no doubt that Trump’s illegitimate presidency has been the worst thing to happen to America in 244 years, a few positive effects have changed the atmosphere in our nation.

Only in times of national emergency or crisis do the American people become united. World Wars, attacks from foreign nations or terrorist organizations, and deadly pandemics encourage all Americans to unite regardless of race, creed, or color of skin. This is the only positive result from the “Trump Effect.”

With election day less than than five months away, every poll predicts an historic loss for Trump and his hypocritical party. The sad event in Tulsa confirmed that Trump’s base is diminishing. Because the Electoral College exists, we have “battleground states:” states which could be won by either candidate. Normally, red and blue states are rarely targeted by politicians from the opposite party. Every polls shows a victory for Joe Biden in battleground or “swing states.”

In several red states Biden is tied or leading by a small percentage. Groups of Republicans outside of Washington are organizing to secure a defeat for Trump in November.

Trump’s denial of science and refusal to address the support for police and judicial reform supported by the vast majority of the American people are adding to the desertion of even more educated men and women. His failure to lead in a time of crisis is encouraging older voters, a large percentage of his base, to desert the orange bully.

“I don’t know who he is talking to,” said Steve Schale, a veteran Florida-based Democratic consultant who now runs Unite the Country, a super PAC supporting presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “I guess at this point their theory of the case is this whole thing becomes a complete race to the bottom, and it becomes a low turnout [election] all about their base. If you look at suburban women, for example … is he talking to them?”

This brings me to my greatest fear. If the average American voter places their hopes on the polls and decides to refrain from voting on November 3rd, Trump could win the Electoral College again. Every man and woman who is eligible must cast their ballots for independents and Democrats on election day. This election is critical for the future of our nation. A large voter turnout will guarantee an end to Trump’s reign of terror and the demise of today’s Republican Party in name only.

Voting (2)

I will leave you with a single and important fact. Throughout modern history the working class has fared far better when Democrats are in control of Washington. Over the last 40 years, wealthy Americans have flourished under Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Trump while the working class experiences a less than acceptable quality of life.

When Trump took office in 2017 our nation had 565 billionaires and 11 million millionaires. Today there are 621 billionaires in the U.S., and 18.6 million millionaires. This is Trump’s idea of a “great economy,” not the quality of life for average Americans.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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